Welcome to this Husbands Only lesson where I’ll help women learn how to pick a man’s suit.

husbands gilftsWhat you’ll learn can make a big difference on how the suit looks and fits your guy.

Imagine going out with him to a nice restaurant and he’s dressed in a fitted suit, what do that say about you? I’ll tell you, WOW look at her!

I’m excited to show you this short video which will show you 7 tips for picking a man’s suits.

Watch the video then we will have a quick review…

7 Tips For Picking A Man’s Suit

OK, here’s what you should have learned about suits:

  1. Only Buy Matching Jackets and Pants (same fabric).
  2. Only Buy 2 button coats (don’t button the lower button).
  3. No Pleats (pleats are for Gram-Pas!)
  4. Buy suits in subtle colors (grey, navy, black…)
  5. Buy a suit that fits (don’t guess the chest, waste or length!)
  6. Fit is key to a good looking suit. The suit should hug the body but not be too tight.
  7. Have a tailor tweak the pants and jacket for the best results.

That concludes this quick lesson on the 7 easy tips for picking a man’s suit (coat and pants). Follow these tip and your man will stand out from the crowd! Thanks.

Now click the link below to browse suits…


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