He loves the wide-open outdoors!


TLYM Formula (Adventurous Part #2)

Let’s get straight to it. Gifts for Adventurous guys are probably the easiest of all to find because these guys like just about anything, outdoorsy…

And because they’re so loving, they will love you even if the gift isn’t what they wanted. Although, chances are you wouldn’t notice because he wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings.

First on the TLYM list, get “Adventurous Men” anything to do with the outdoors, such as:

You get the picture…

What’s he like to do most? Focus your ideas on his favorite pastime.

Secondly, get him a gift to wear when he’s outdoors, such as:

Something that goes nicely with his favorite hat.

Third, fill his backpack and trucks with goodies and snacks like:

Anything to keep him warm when you’re not around – works.  Albeit, he never stops thinking about you!


Every outdoorsman needs a good knife and magazine subscriptions to Field and Stream and/or Outdoor Life.

Did this get your juices flowing? Remember to try and think like him when coming up with gift ideas.

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