All Decor Hook Bookmark Letter Opener Stainless Steel Classical Chinese Imperial Dragon Robe Yellow for Birthday Gift

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This Imperial Dragon Robe Hook Bookmark is made of stainless steel. Solid and durable, good for years of use.
Gift ideas for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, sister, brother, wife, husband, seniors, her, him, girls and boys.
Ideal student incentives & teacher classroom rewards. Be used as a Letter Opener.


*One bookmark in window gift box package.
*Classical Chinese Imperial Dragon Robe Metal Bookmark/Letter Opener.
*Cool Gift for Holiday and Daily Use.
*A great incentive for a classroom or a library giveaway!

The ritual of embroidering dragon patterns on the emperor’s robe, dates back to as early as the Zhou Dynasty (11th century-256 B.C.). While the robe embroidered with dragon patterns was made for the exclusive use of an emperor during the Qing dynasty. During the Yuan and Ming, the emperors were already wearing robes graced with dragon patterns, but it was not until the Qing that they were named “dragon robes” and became part of the official attire system. A dragon robe is either yellow or apricot-yellow dragons in color, and embroidered with nine yellow dragons and five-hued auspicious cloud patterns. Its symbolism suggests that it is a semi-formal robe that belonged to a member of the imperial family or the highest Chinese nobility.
Robes like this embodied the status and power of the Emperor. The gold spirit dragon is the most important symbol of the imperial family, and is an indirect statement that the Emperor brings good fortune to China. On imperial robes such as this, eight large dragons appear on the exterior – one on the centre of the chest and back, before and behind the knees, and on each of the shoulders. A ninth, hidden, dragon is embroidered on the inside lining of the chest, protecting the robe’s wearer. Observed from the front or behind, five dragons can always be seen. In Chinese tradition, the numbers nine and five symbolize the dignity of the throne.

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