Beast & Beauty (Best Matching Couple Hoodies)

Beast & Beauty - His and Her Sweaters

The Best Matching Couple Hoodies

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Gifts for Husbands or Wives with Everything!

Show your love for each other by wearing Couples Apparel.

An inspiring range of matching couple hoodies to pick from.

Matchy-Matchy cute couple outfits take relationships to the next level.

Perfect matching outfit for many occasions.

Best way to show your love everywhere you go.

Beast & Beauty – Matching Couple Hoodies

Beast & Beauty - Matching Couple Hoodies - His and Her Sweaters
  • Perfect for occasions such as wedding, anniversary, honeymoon and valentines day
  • Set of 2, Men and Women (both are same unisex fit) sweaters are included
  • Unique art is printed on front - Back side is plain
  • Air-jet yarn for softer feel and no pilling - Single-ply hood with color-matched drawstring
  • Wash inside out and dry on low heat


About Matching Couple Hoodies

We know it takes a special couple to wear matching hoodies which is why when you do go out wearing these hoodies, people will know for sure that you’re together.

That’s right! There’s no hiding that he’s the beast and you’re the beauty, the words are spelled out loud and clear with the claw marks and red luscious lips that add to the effect.

You’ll definitely get attention and feel special…


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