Best Double Edge Butterfly Safety Shaving Razor Kit, Weishi, Gold Plated, Great Value For Your Money by Drs ProChoice

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“When applied to an adequately softened/lubricated beard, cuts are rare.”

“Very cool” “It gave my husband a super close shave and he didn’t shed any blood either.”

“Many people are going back to old style shaving tools such as this and straight edge and I think that’s pretty cool.”

“I really like this razor. Shaves well. Handle doesn’t slip out of my hands.”

Package Contents: 1 x Gold Handle Safety Razor / 5 DORCO Platinum Blades / Durable Plastic Travel Case with Felt Inner Lining and Includes Mirror / 1 Cleaning brush: Made in China. Get ready for the best super clean shave ever. The Traditional and Patented Simple, Quick and Safe Blade Replacement of these razors “Butterfly” opening mechanism makes changing blades quick and easy to change. You simply twist the knob on the bottom of handle counter-clockwise to open, CAREFULLY insert the new blade then twist the knob clock-wise to close firmly and secure the blade. Durable Gold plated over heavy copper alloy body.

This is an absolutely beautiful safety razor for either your own use or a gift! Uses standard double edge blades…based on feedback “Feather Blades” appear to be the best.

“Easy to get used to.”

“A beautiful gift for dad and very reasonable price.”

“This is an awesome little safety razor!”

“It comes with a nice carrying case and a mirror on it”

“This is a very nice timeless razor.”

“He liked the design and the workmanship on the handle.”

List Price:  $ 24.99

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