Callus Remover by Care me- Micro Pedicure Foot Care Tool Shaves Dead, Hard Skin and Calluses on Feet – One Bonus Roller Included

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The brand of “Care me” stands for “I care about my body and health.” We’re dedicated to providing high quality beauty and personal care products. Our full line of callus removers contain this battery-operated, rechargeable and electric/corded models. Please feel free to check them out by clicking the brand name above.

Are you afraid of being barefoot in public? Don’t be!

A pedicure tool gently smooths your feet anytime and anywhere you need it. You will love going barefoot all year long!
• It is safe and effortless to operate and you get results quickly and effectively.
• It’s battery operated, light weight and portable so that you can take it wherever you go and use it whenever you need it.
• It makes you look good and feel good. And it boosts your confidence instantly and earns you the respect you deserve!
• You can show off your bare feet in front of your friends or significant partners.
• No more embarrassing moments. Stop hiding. Enjoy your favorite dress shoes, flip flops and sandals.

What is included?
•It has a callus remover, a cleaning brush, user manual and 1 BONUS ROLLER.
•It uses two AA batteries, which are NOT included.

What are the differences between model CM101 (battery-operated), CM201 (rechargeable) and CM301 (corded)?

CM101 runs with 2 AA batteries. It is portable so that you may use it whenever you need it. CM201 looks the same as CM101 but is more powerful as it has built in rechargeable battery. CM301 is run by electricity. It is powerful and runs with extra strength so that the roller won’t stop if you apply certain amount of pressure. CM201 and CM301 are recommended FOR CUSTOMERS WHO PREFER TO APPLY MORE PRESSURE or FOR COMMERCIAL USE.

Order it along with the a pack of 2 Refill Rollers.

List Price:  $ 35.99

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