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The simple TLYM Formula any WIFE can follow…

You’re a witty woman and love to shop, but it’s just not the same shopping for your husband as it is shopping for yourself or even your BFF.

You know what you like and don’t like, right? But darn it, he’s not you.

So what do you buy for a man who doesn’t seem to like anything you like? Hmm…

It’s not fair wives go through unhealthy STRESS every time they need to buy a gift for their husbands. They spend hours driving around town and days searching the web only to end up empty-handed. Or worse yet, buying anything TRENDY to fill the void.

You’re not alone, lots of women have this challenge, especially if you’re newlyweds. But the good news is is here to help and guide you with our exclusive gift finding a formula.

We’ve helped lots of wives find gifts for picky husbands…

Think Like Your Man Formula

Below you’ll find 3 characterizations to choose from (Adventurous, Intellectual, and Risk-Taker). Each provides a summary to get you thinking about him, and then part 2 of the formula will lead you to unique assortments of gift categories. So read each characterization carefully and then close your eyes and ‘think like him’. Then open your eyes and click the link if it best characterizes your husband.

Here’s the MAGIC. We’re dealing with gift-giving logically, getting into his head and thinking as he would. He’ll be amazed by how well you know him!

Sounds TOO simple, right?

Is this a wild generalization? Yes.

But the TLYM Formula works because men ‘Think’ when buying vs ‘Feel’ when buying. The formula forces you to switch your normal brain function.


The same logic is true for men, which is why we buy vacuum cleaners as gifts for our wife. A man’s mind thinks practical; hence, she’ll love a 3 horse-power motor because it’s the most powerful vacuum on the market…

Makes sense, right? Maybe not to you but it does to him.

Now, are you ready to read the first description and close your eyes?

Adventurousbuy gift for husband

Adventurous guys love the outdoors.

His hobbies are Fishing, Hunting, and Camping. The wide-open range is where he recharges.

But the Adventurous is also handy with his hands and loves fixing stuff around the house. The term honey-do was invented for him because when he’s not outdoors hunting or fishing, he’s indoors fixing leaky sinks and changing the oil in his truck.

Did you know Adventurous men like to be prepared for anything?

No job is too big and his toolbox takes up half of the garage to prove the point.

But there’s a soft side to these rugged guys, especially when it comes to their wife and kids. He makes you feel safe. If this sounds like your man then click here and let’s go deeper into what makes him tick beside his truck.

Intellectualvalentinesday gift shopping

The majority of husbands have a little bit of this DNA in their genes.

These guys are intelligent, hardworking and loyal. And they love technology and electronics.

Gadgets bring out the child in Intellectual husbands and they can play video games for hours without stopping to eat or go pee. You know the type well, right?

Intellectual’s adventure is saving the world from aliens and zombies, virtually that is…

Sure, they have a list of honey-dos’ to do too but, most of their to-dos are waiting for the right time.

Yet, you don’t mind because he’s an awesome husband (and father). And he makes you happy. If this sounds like your man then click here and let’s find out what revs him up.

Risk-Takernewlywed gift shopping

OH boy. You have your hands full, don’t you?

Risk-Takers jump out of perfectly good flying airplanes and bungee jump off bridges for kicks.

They love fast cars and motorcycles with knobby tires for zooming up mountains and hills while they video it.

When they’re at home, Risk-Takers find other creative ways to keep their adrenaline rushing.

Movies work. Especially action movies with fast cars, explosions, and lots of fighting scenes. And don’t forget the booming music that vibrates the walls so hard the neighborhood dogs start barking.

He lives life fast, is the life of the party, and doesn’t look back. But you love him for that because he makes you laugh. If this sounds like your man then click here and let’s go, go, go

None of the above?

Well, there are obviously more than 3 character types for husbands but more than 3 causes analysis-paralysis. The Think Like Your Man Formula or TLYM Formula is meant to make coming up with gift ideas easy, not give you a headache!

Narrowing your selection to Adventurous, Intellectual, or Risk-Taker will help you focus on interesting clues about your husband’s preferences you would normally overlook because of your heart (or feelings) naturally lean towards ideas that are:


Gifts are not about YOU, they’re about HIM.

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Special Occasion

Think about what he loves doing. Then give him what he wants!

Here’s a tip. He doesn’t want special or cute, he wants practical and useful (unless it’s you wrapped in a bow)…

Think! Is your husband Adventurous, Intellectual, or a Risk-Taker? I’m guessing he’s a little bit of all 3 but slightly more of one character than the others. Or make-up your own character.

It’s all good because the TLYM is only to get your brain going. Now pick one, or pick them all, and let’s see what amazing ideas you come up with for him…

Awesome. This completes part one of the TLYM Formula.

See you in part 2! 🙂

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