In this Husbands Only lesson we are going to learn how to pick a man’s belt.

I’m sure you’re probably thinking, really! Obviously this should be an easy thing to do, right?


Let’s find out how much you know about matching men’s belts with clothes…

Watch this quick video for tips on proper belt etiquette and then let’s have a quick review.

How to Pick a Man’s Belt

Let’s review what we learned about belts:

  • Canvas belts go well with jeans but not with suits
  • When wearing a belt with a suit match the leather with the shoe color
  • Sometimes you don’t need a belt, especially if there are no belt loops on the pants
  • Watch out for belt buckle size, it should not distract


As we conclude with our lesson, when shopping for a belt for your man you should envision the type of pants and shoes (or suit) he will pair it with.

Also the belt width and buckle should compliment and not distract from the overall outfit.

How did you do? Hopefully this lesson was helpful…

Now click the link below to see a large selection of men’s belts…


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