Trim fitWelcome to another Husbands Only lesson.

This time we are going to cover “how to pick and size a man’s dress shirt.”

During this lesson, you’ll find out how body type, height, and arm length influence how a dress shirt will fit a man.

We have 2 videos to watch.

In the first video, we are going to learn how to properly sizing a dress shirt.

Then in the 2nd video, we will learn about the different shirt styles (or fits) to choose from.


I know from my own experience that I’ve gone into public with baggy dress shirts that were too large for me. And worst, shirts with arms that were too short. 🙁

Hopefully, by the end of this lesson, you will know how to help your husband (or man) avoid my mistakes when buying shirts…

How to Pick a Man Dress Shirt Size (Using a Measuring Tape)

Hi I’m Larry Davidson from Davidson’s clothing in Roanoke Virginia and I’m here to help you figure out how to determine a man’s dress shirt size the best suggestion I would make is to get a tape line some kind of measuring tape of some sort and first of all put it around the man’s neck closest to the point where he would be wearing the collar and if you measure right against the skin snugly but comfortably and then back up so that you can put three fingers under the tape at the same time that should give you an accurate measurement on a comfortable neck measurement then in order to determine the sleeve length because the dress shirt goes by neck size and by sleeve length ask the person to lightly bend their arm take the beginning of your tape and put it right in the middle of the man’s back right on his vertebra right below a shirt collar or where the shirt collar would be hooking around his elbow and going down just to be the beginning of the fat part of his hand and that should give you an accurate sleeve length now you may not be able to have the man available and if he’s not available I suggest you encourage him to go to a local menswear store where they can actually do this measurement for him I’m Larry and that’s how to figure out a man’s dress shirt size.

Here’s what we learned about sizing a dress shirt:

You’ll need 2 measurements: neck size and the arm length.

  • First off, you will need a measuring tape or line.
  • Snugly wrap the tape around his neck near the collar line (allow extra space for 3 fingers under the tape). This gives you his neck size.
  • Now to get his arm length, start with the arm lifted and bent horizontally and measure from the back of the neck centered on his spine, while stretching the tape around the elbow up to the hand by the thumb and index finger.

For example, my dress shirt size is 17.5″ x 34″.

That was easy, right? Now let’s learn about the different dress shirt styles to pick from.

How To Pick a Man’s Dress Shirt Style

Maya fernandez only online buyer for men’s pressure is a network having the right fit and what you’re wearing is really important because it says something about who you are and that you care what you’re wearing you’re going to want to have a dress shirt that a company is that look that you’re looking for with a better fitting garment it’s going to give you a better overall look we have a couple of different fits that we offer our customer we have our regular fit trim fit and our extra trim fit as those measurements go down it’s going to be more of a sophisticated look to a complete fashion-forward look our regular fit dress shirt is really our classic fit dress shirt this is our CEO fits our boardroom fit it’s going to be generously cut through the chest have a relaxed armhole and sleeve and a comfortable opening of the waist and then also we have our trim fit which is really what we’re seeing most of our customers moving towards it’s going to be narrower through the chest have a slightly higher armhole Strait sleeves and be tapered towards the waist if you’re looking for that clean look our trim fit is really where you’re looking our extra trim fit is going to be our most precise fitting dress shirt it’s going to be forgot as fashion wear wants to be right in front of what’s happening it’s going to fit exact across the chest have a tight armhole slim sleeve and have a close fitting opening at the waist when you put on that shirt we want you to feel that it’s going to be comfortable but yet speaks to who you are and feels great at the same time.

And here’s what we learned about dress shirt styles:

First off, it’s all about FIT because having the right shirt style is important!

Remember this:

How a shit fits says something about the person (think about my earlier example about baggy shirts with arm sleeves that were too short). What was that saying about me? Sloppy!

  • Regular Fit – These are the classic shirts for business dress. They are generously cut through the chest, have a relaxed sleeve for arms and are loose at the waist.
  • Trim Fit – This dress shirt is a young cut and is more popular than the regular style. The trim fit is narrower through the chest, has a slightly higher armhole on the sleeve, and it is tapered towards the waste. It has a clean look versus a classic look.
  • Extra Trim Fit – This is a precise fitting dress shirt for the man who is into a fashion look. The extra trim fix is tight against the chest, has a slim sleeve and is close or snug against the waste.


What do you think?

As we conclude this lesson about dress shirts let’s recap…

First, we learned how to measure a man’s neck and arms for the proper shirt size.

And then we learned about 3 different dress shirt styles: Regular Fit, Trim Fit and Extra Trim Fit (Business, Clean and Fashion looks).

That’s it for now, I hope this lesson was helpful and helps you find the right dress shirt for your man so he will look his best at work or out on the town. Thanks!

Now let’s check out some shirts, click the link below…

Best Selling Dress Shirts

#1 Best Seller
Van Heusen Men's Poplin Regular Fit Solid Point Collar Dress Shirt, White, 17.5" Neck 34"-35" Sleeve
  • Machine Wash
  • Point collar, regular cuff, pocket at chest
  • Regular fit dress shirts have fuller sleeves, relaxed arm holes, and a generous cut through the chest and waist. This fit is similar to a classic or full cut fit.
  • For big fit, search style number 20F9562. For tall fit, search style number 20F9563.
#2 Best Seller
Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirt Regular Fit Flex Collar Stretch Solid, Dusty Blue, 17.5" Neck 34"-35" Sleeve (X-Large)
  • Flex collar: stretches up to half an inch for expandable comfort. Stretch fabric: stretches and moves with you for extra comfort. Wrinkle free: developed for less wrinkles and easy care.
  • Regular fit: a generous cut through the shoulders, chest and waist for total comfort and a classic fit
  • Spread collar: modern traditional collar with the tips pointed outwards, allowing for tie knots of all sizes; can be worn with or without neckwear
  • Adjustable cuff: two button positions allow for a more customized, improved fit
  • Chest pocket: classic design holds all your essentials


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