amazon gift cardUsually, you unwrap gifts such as socks or underwear that you wish you could take back to the store but this time you got something new…

She even tried to trick you by camouflaging your card wrapped with t-shirts. Nice!

But now you’re wondering how to use your Amazon gift card?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because for your information guys prefer Amazon gift cards more than any other gift on the planet!

Let’s not waste time yapping and get straight to the ideas…

Quick and easy steps for how to use your Amazon gift card.

First off, you need to redeem the gift card on your Amazon account, here’s the link to Redeem Amazon Gift Cards. If you don’t already have an account go ahead and create one and then redeem the card code by typing it in the box and then clicking the “apply to your balance” to Redeem or check value of a gift card

That’s it!

Now you’re ready to shop…

#1 item to buy with your gift card is electronics.

VR Headsets are cool right now, and digital dash cameras are hot for anyone who wants to record the road while they drive.

If electronics aren’t what you’re looking for and depending on how much is on your card, then #2 on the list is snacks.

Guys like to use your gift cards for purchasing Starbucks Coffee, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, or and other snacks they can nibble on while playing games or watch movies.

The #3 item on the list is video games. Use your Amazon gift card to purchase new games for your Xbox, PlayStation, or cell phone.

There’s always excellent video game deals on Amazon.

Movies are the #4 hot item to buy on Amazon with gift cards, rent a movie or buy it to add it to your collection. You can also get used DVD and Blu-ray movies.

#5 on the list are books.

Amazon is the world’s largest book store.

You can buy Kindle Books or the real deal in hardcover or paperback. Either way, books make a great idea of spending Amazon Gift cards.


Use your gift card to start an Amazon Prime account and start saving money on shipping today. You also get to watch Amazon Prime Movies and listen to Amazon Prime Music with a Prime account.

#7 Amazon lists 100s of Earbuds and headphones that would make for a perfect idea for burning a gift card.

#8 Trade your gift card for tools. Guys always need an electric screwdriver or drill, and Amazon still has the best deal on Black & Decker and Makita cordless tools.Redeem a gift card on Jack Linkss Jerky

#9 How about a Fitbit or other type of wearable device?

#10 Training gear is a great choice if you love to have nice equipment for your work out?


We’ve haven’t even scratched the surface yet…

Amazon has so many items to choose from which is why gift cards make life so much easier than having to take back presents you don’t like, or something that didn’t fit right, or it’s the wrong color and brand.

Do you feel me?

Well, that covers this quick guide and the 10 quick and easy ideas that will hopefully help you decide how to use your Amazon gift card today!

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