Knot Theory Silicone Wedding Ring for Women & Men ★Award-winning Designer ★5mm Band in Teal Turquoise, Coral Pink, Purple, Black, Grey

Knot Theory Silicone Wedding Ring

Knot Theory Silicone Wedding Ring: Birthday Gifts for Husbands

7 Excellent Reasons Why You Must Own This Wedding Ring

★ SIMPLE SLEEK DESIGN Knot Theory is an award-winning design house. Your ring has a sleek knife edge design and won’t look like a mini tire or rubber gasket. We make sure you look good.

★ SYMBOL OF ETERNITY  Your wedding ring is engraved with our infinite knot symbol, and the wording “Truly. Madly. Deeply.”

★ TOP QUALITY AND COMFORT Your ring is made from stainless steel molds using 100% hypoallergenic silicone rubber. If your finger swells up due to pregnancy or diabetes, the soft ring will expand with your finger so it doesn’t restrict the circulation in your finger.

★ SAFE FOR MOMS Metal rings can scratch up baby’s delicate skin. Silicone wedding rings are safe to wear around your baby.

★ NEVER WORRY ABOUT LOSING YOUR RING AGAIN The sentimental value your ring is irreplaceable. Wear your silicone ring and never lose or damage your valuable ring again. ★ KEEPS UP WITH YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE Your silicone ring is so comfortable you can keep it on during any adventure you take on!

★ THOUGHTFUL GIFT TO KEEP HER SAFE The best gift is a thoughtful gift! Give her this ring for your wedding, anniversary, her birthday, or just because! Keep her safe and active and she’ll never want to take this ring off! ♥

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