WARNING: Wrestling Alligators is dangerous!

My Husbands Is A Risk-Taker

TLYM Formula (Risk-Taker Part #2)

First, start with a good First Aid Kit that he can take with him everywhere.

Now let’s jump to the more exciting gift ideas such as big-screen televisions and gaming consoles.

Nowadays virtual reality is the next best thing for risking one’s life without the cuts and bruises.

VR headsets allow for an immersed virtual experience and many of the top cell phones now support VR, or you can go top-of-the-line with Oculus Rift or HTC Vibe.

Both devices deliver an amazing virtual reality experience.

Does he have a desire for energy drinks, natural spring water, and protein bars to nourish him while he’s out and about on adventures?

Other great gift ideas for risk takers are:

Remember, the TLYM Formula is only a primer to kick-start your own ideas.

Obviously, there are a million more hobbies and activities we could cover.

Here are more ideas to review if you need more food for thought…

If nothing listed works for you and you keep drawing a blank, all you need to do is keep ‘thinking like him’ and something good will bubble up.

Or, you can spy on ideas for Intellectual Gifts and Adventurous Gifts

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