Tungsten Wedding Ring Band Men/Women 18k Gold Plated Comfort Fit 6MM/8MM Retail Quality Lifetime Exchange

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Gorgeous classy two-tone design with 18k gold plated edges and tungsten center. Available in 8mm and 6mm width. Designed by Zeus, the god of thunder himself, Tungsten Carbide was created as a gift to the brave mortals of Earth. After hearing the stories of the fearless exploits of mortal men & women, including fighting fires, building grand, ornate buildings, and courageously combating evil, Zeus wanted to reward mankind with a symbol of immortality. Although gold and silver were greatly valued on Earth, he wanted to go above and beyond, by forging something that would not only be 10 times stronger than gold, but also something that would never lose its luster nor scratch as easily as other precious metals. Of course, anything with such properties would be prohibitively expensive, so Zeus ordered that the cost of this highly valuable metal be subsidized by the Olympian treasury, and that it be affordable to all brave mortals throughout the world. Hence, the Tungsten Carbide ring was born. This ring has a brushed center of approximately 5mm, with mirror polished beveled edges of 2mm each. The inside is engraved with the words Tungsten Carbide, and the Odyssey Rings Logo. Sizes range from 7-16, including half sizes. The ring comes with a replacement guarantee against breakage and ring size changes. You may have seen this same ring in retail jewelry stores, with the exception of a much higher price! We avoid the retail and wholesale middleman to bring you factory direct pricing.

$ 199.99

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