Hi There and welcome to this Husbands Only lesson.

For this quick tip for wives, we’re going to look at how to pick men’s shoes.

Let’s start with a reality check…

If you’re like most wives, your husband probably only has a couple of pairs of shoes that he wears with everything, right?

Shame, shame!

We’re going to fix that and in this quick video you’ll learn about the differences in shoes and how to pick a quality pair of men’s shoes so your man looks good.

Picking Men’s Shoes

What you should have learned watching this video:

  • What is a quality shoe?
  • What is a lace-up or wingtip shoe?
  • What is a slip-on or loafer shoe?
  • What is a chukka boot?
  • What is a buckle shoe?
  • What is a toe cap?
  • How you can tell if a shoe is cheap?
  • How to inspect a shoe’s sole, stitching and lines.

I hope you have enjoyed watching this video on Tips for Buying Men’s Shoes? Now let’s go browsing shoes. Click the link below to shop for men’s shoes…


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