He Googles reviews for everything…

TLYM Formula

TLYM Formula (Intellectual Part #2)

He likely has a Mac Computer, iPhone and iPad. Although he’s versatile enough to use all computer types, makes, and brands.

He loves gadgets, especially when he’s the first persona to own it.

But don’t just buy him any gadget because it has to be compatible with the rest of his gear.

Cameras, TVs, Cellphone, Stereos, Cars, all have a KARMA to uphold.

The TLYM Formula will save you a lot of time and possibly a broken heart.

Honestly, the best gift for intellectual guys is gift cards.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard women say, “I’m not going to buy him gift cards because it’s so heartless.”

And then they’re sad because he takes back their gift.

Please don’t do that to yourself!

Don’t feel bad. Really, he’ll be fine…

Did you know he’ll be happier with you for not buying the wrong game controller, wireless router, or car stereo because it will save him time not having to return it.

BestBuy and Amazon get 1000s of returned gifts because someone didn’t understand that intellectuals love to do product research. They have to find the:

  • Best Price
  • Best Features
  • Newest Model

So unless he’s emailed or text’d you a wishlist link, the TLYM Formula says the 2 best gifts to buy for your husband if he’s the Intellectual Type are:

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